Frequently Asked Questions

Mechvibes infinitely loading

Usually this is because you don't have VC++ installed on your computer. VC++ is a program that updates certain coding languages. If you don't have it installed, the code that Mechvibes is built on does not run properly and that causes this "bug" to happen. 

- Download VC++ for 64 bit systems  or  for 32 bit systems .
- Run the installer.
- Quit Mechvibes as demonstrated here.
- Re-launch Mechvibes.

If this did not help, check out the question below.

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No soundpacks showing on drop-down menu (but no loading indicator)

Chances are you haven't added a soundpack properly.
Please check if you have any of the following:

A folder inside a folder.
You should have 1 folder with files in there.
A .zip file or .rar file in your mechvibes_custom folder.
An empty folder inside your mechvibes_custom folder.

These are known issues that will cause this bug. Please either delete these files, or put them in the proper folders. You can check out the soundpack section to see a detailed explanation of how to add a soundpack.

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I quit Mechvibes, but it's still making sound.

Pressing the x on the window doesn't actually exit you out of Mechvibes, it only exits out of the UI (User Interface). Mechvibes still runs in the background to safe resources. To completely exit out of Mechvibes, you want to locate your ststem tray, right-click Mechvibes and press Quit.

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How do I create / add a custom soundpack?

The soundpack section of the website has detailed walkthroughs of how to add soundpacks!

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Is Mechvibes a virus?

To quickly explain how Mechvibes works; it listens for keypress input. When it receives data about a keypress, and what key was pressed, it sends a signal to play a sound. Then, unlike keyloggers, it removes this data. Anti-virus software detect the functions that an application or script has and responds accordingly. Because both keyloggers and Mechvibes listen for keypresses, some anti-virus software might see mechvibes as a threat or virus. But we can assure you that any keypress data is only used for the main function of the application. Playing audio on a keypress.

VirusTotal collects data from over 70 different anti-virus applications, and Mechvibes generally does not trigger any of these. You can check these statistics on their website